The story of my name – סיפור קבלת השם וואיט איגל

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In June 2016 I went on a personal journey to study Sound Healing. Upon graduation I rented a car and drove to Mount Shasta to relax and soak up the place and its energies.

Nothing prepared me for what was going to happen this week.
In one place on the mountain, I was proposed to attend an Indian ceremony with singing and drums. I attended. In a ceremony that included three more women, the hostess handed out sticks to us to play together on the big drum.

We started to play and at that second I was no longer in my physical body and I was not aware of what is happening around me, I was in another dimension at a different time and with a different consciousness.

I sat in the center near the fire and around me sat Indians and intellectuals and Indian healers (Shamans). They began to sing, play and rub ointments and substances made of plants on my body. On my right was the unicorn that had accompanied me throughout my recent spiritual journeys, on my left was a white fox, and above me circled a great white eagle.
Suddenly I saw myself pregnant, and after a while the doctor, host of the ceremony approached me and began to deliver the baby. He raised to the sky a charming little boy and declared in a delighted voice his name was White Eagle. I smiled at him, and he turned to me and said: “from now on, your name is White Eagle”. I looked at him, puzzled, and said it is the name of the baby. He smiled gently and told me that the baby is me, I was reborn. \"This is the name I gave my CD,\" I was shocked.

He touched my head and said softly: “At the end of the year you\'ll get to Peru and then you\'ll understand”.

I smiled and slowly came to myself and to my own body.
The second I opened my eyes I saw a fox standing in front of me, staring at me, then turned and ran away.

I actually didn’t really give a lot of significance to the name or the fact that I was born again, I moved on. To my surprise, I did reach Peru later that year and when I did meditated in Machu Picchu, Mayan Indians approached me and told me I had to use the name White Eagle.

I was born into this world with the name Dorit and reborn with the name White Eagle, which I added to my name, and thus I am Dorit White Eagle.

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