about me

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Hello and nice to meet you,

My name is White Eagle Dorit Aviv and I am opeing before you a gate to the wonderful world of healing sounds.

Creation in general and music in particular, is seen as a tool of connection and empowerment , which often heals the mind and the body.

True, sometimes poetry and cherished music can help deal with some things, but not completely cure them.

However, there is one musical style, a style that is still timid, with the role to heal any cell in the body and the soul, using vibrations and vibrations of forces.

My vision – to reveal this unique style until it becomes a popular hit.

My job – to resonate awareness, teach and allow experiencing that with certain frequencies, higher than normal, the body can heal itself without the need for medication and pills. Our mind can heal itself and overcome depression, obstacles and objections.

My mission –  to play the instruments that were lovingly selected from all sorts of hidden pearls of the world and allow the masses to experience harmony and quality in life.

This discovery came to me after a shatter. a breakdown following a huge personal crisis forced me to return to the world of creation and spirit which I ran away from twenty years ago.

The creative spirit always rested with me, I was born with it. As a teenager I wanted to learn to play the piano. yet my parents refused, claiming that melodies do not pay for groceries and comforted me with a flute.
Since that day, the flute symbolizes to me the compromise, the path I have chosen then, of accounting, interior design, and even brokerage and entrepreneurship.

My breakdown shattered the compromise. It was not easy. at times I wanted to continue sleeping, yet I repeatedly chose not to flee and to arise to accept a second chance.

I was born again in a deeply devoted journey of experimentation and learning, with great teachers in Israel and abroad, through numerous techniques which I combine in my treatments and meetings.

I cross rivers and mountains, monasteries and forests ever since.

Since then and until today, I chug cultures, learning the music, buying the instruments and playing in rivers, mountains, monasteries and forests.

I am experiencing and have experienced experiences as one great creation, a whole world playing and talking, a whole new world of healing sounds that ignited a strong need and a sense of purpose within me, allowing many more opportunities of development and growth through a magical world.
Thus I began to take groups a few years ago through spiritual and musical journeys across continents. The music plays within me and we sip healing sounds in the mountains, rivers, monasteries and forests.

I would never take people with me to a place I’ve never been to and experienced its challenges, secrets and structures.

One trip was very special, the trip to the United States, where I went to study the healing power of sound (Sound healing), where I received the additional name (name of story here). Then I realized I had to walk far to feel close.

However, I feel most at home here, in Herzliya, with my amazing family. My partner Meir, who always illuminates the way for me, it is thanks to him that I am able go through and lead any journey and bring to life my purpose and my charming children Nofar and Naor.

I started the music center consisting of all the tools I have gathered from around the world at home.

Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, bells, Indian drums, horns and many more, anything but…  The flute. Up to this day I did not return to play the flute, the instrument that I felt is sabotaging my calling – to help everyone with sound instruments, wake up and find a way to the personal, exclusive and healing forces that always exist within us.

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