An experiential musical evening of sounds and frequencies for healing the body 8/2017

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 My name is White Eagle Dorit Aviv

.\"I conduct enriching journeys in the world of introspection meditation; music, sounds, and frequencies “sound healing

.Heal and I am a teacher and our bodies by listening to what the body and soul want, what they truly seek through the heart and not through the mind

.We learn that everything is within us and we don’t need externaך help simply to listen, look within and remind the body how to heal itself

As a caregiver in this field for over a decade, I have been exposed to the power of music, sounds, and frequencies while traveling the globe to ancient cultures in the world of music, sounds, and frequencies. They have become a part of my daily life

I myself experienced change and healing by listening to the musical instruments of each culture. I decided to learn the essence of these instruments from each of these cultures, so I brought them back to Israel with me

Today I lecture on the impact of music, sounds, and frequencies on our lives and our body. How these frequencies work and heal us. Research has shown that music sounds and frequencies can cure people from almost any disease

Each instrument I play with is carefully selected for healing

My playing style is special and it does not come from me. It comes from higher places with the purpose of “live music” healing for the group in which I play or for the person who comes for treatment

The melody does not repeat itself twice; it changes each time

?Who are the workshops / lectures for

They are designed for anyone who wants to first of all, open their heart to learn about the world of music, sounds and frequencies, and of course to people who have tried going to therapists many times, but it did not help and everything stayed the same

People who are ready for an opportunity to experience spontaneous healing immediately after the end of the performance. If they really want healing, people who want to allow the body to easily release long-lasting traumas and pains, must allow their body and heart feel

?How does this work

The instruments I work with bring out sounds and frequencies that penetrate the body not only through the auditory system, but through each cell

The music actually penetrates the body and releases blockages and opens up all the energy fields that surround us from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, as well as the energy fields surrounding that organ or emotional pain

Today, leading physicians around the world have defined sound and frequency medicine as the medicine of the future

Conventional medicine frequently uses many devices that use sound and frequency such as CT, MERI laser, and more, but currently these instruments are for diagnosis purposes only and not for healing

All the new and breakthrough devices that come out today are devices that work using different frequencies. Recently, many of these devices have come out in cosmetic medicine, such as a device for firming the skin, devices for stiffening body fat, and more

This practice has been emulated throughout the world, and one such case are the Monks

It was found that the Monks were almost never sick. The reason behind this is because every morning the Monks begin their day with music, sounds and frequencies

When they tried to go without music, sounds, and frequencies in the morning, the Monks began getting sick


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.I have come to the United States in order to take you through an amazing experience of connecting to your inner child and to love

.Through the world of music, sound and frequencies every cell in your body will be stimulated to shed itself of things it no longer needs, but maintains merely out of habit

I want to invite you to an experiential evening with special sounds and frequencies designed specifically for you. I invite you to clean and heal the physical body as well as all our other levels through connecting to the heart, to love and in receiving new energy that descends

.This will penetrate our bodies through all our senses for emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual cleansing

White Eagle

The entire world was created and generated by the sound frequency. \"Let there be light\"

It is already known in the world that sounds and frequencies generate change and healing. This form of studies are conducted in world leading universities in the medical field

.Today, conventional medicine uses frequencies for diagnosis and not for healing like CT. MERI. Lasers, and more

I recommend a workship in which you can experience the meaning of music, sounds and friequencies, in which we can allow the sounds to penetrate our bodies not only through our ears, but through our five senses. As Einstein said, “Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter”

Additionally Dr. Deepak Chopra said, “The body is held together by sound. The presence of disease indicates that some sounds have gone out of tune”

.In the actual workshop you will have a lasting experience that will stay with you for a few days

.During the workshop I play (and so do you) a large variety of musical instruments from different cultures in the world that were used and are still used for healing

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White Eagle
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