Found a crystal ball from Atlantis

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Dr. Brown tells of a crystal ball from Atlantis

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A bit on a crystal ball from Atlantis


The Enigmatic Atlantean Crystal Sphere of Dr Brown

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Earth Keeper | February 4 2012

Legendary Atlantis still holds a fascinating mystique for many. Stories of the ancient land that sank deep into the Atlantic Ocean have endured for more than 5,000 years. Renowned psychic Edgar Cayce spoke in depth about Atlantis, and an Atlantean society that existed for more than 200,000 years. The Atlanteans had, per Cayce, extremely advanced technologies utilizing Crystals. Cayce and academics such as John Van Auken have a great truth about this once great society of Atlantis.

In 2012 and beyond, the hidden history of our true origins will be revealed. The work of Graham Hancock, Dr Semir Osmanagich , Michael Cremo and David Childress is beginning to capture the recognition and sense of truth that is being accelerated in humanity.

And as controversial as the land of Atlantis remains to main stream academics, it is still an enigma that cannot be disproved … while many scholars of old believed the existence of Atlantis to be a historical reality.

To add more mystery to the dilemma, a stunning and controversial mystery exists today surrounding an unusual crystal sphere said to have been found in a submerged pyramid in the waters near the location where Atlantis was said to have existed. Is it real ?

The Astounding Discovery of Dr. Ray Brown

Known as Dr Ray Brown’s Atlantean Crystal Sphere, the discovery of the sphere occurred during a scuba diving trip to the Bari Islands in the Bahamas in 1970.While diving, Ray Brown – a naturopathic doctor – became separated from his friends and while he searched for them, he came upon an amazing pyramid structure, apparently uncovered by the shifting sands of a recent storm. Though startled by the find, he investigated and was amazed that the sides of the pyramid were composed of completely smooth almost luminous stone material . Upon entering the pyramid, Ray entered into an amazing Temple Room that seemed to have some form of interior illumination allowing visibility. He observed a golden metallic rod protruding from the ceiling. The rod had a rather large red crystal at its tip. Just below it he observed what appeared to be a metallic set of hands holding a crystal sphere. He was unable to remove the red crystal or the metallic rod, but was able to remove the crystal sphere.

View Dr Raymond Brown & Dr Marcel Vogel – The Atlantean Sphere

Just as there is main stream rejection of Crystal Skulls, and the Bosnian Pyramids, there is controversy around the seeming fantastic discovery of the Crystal Sphere. Dr Browns story has been widely scrutinized and criticized as embellished ,contradictory and false.

Dr Marcel Vogel, a brilliant man of unquestioned integrity and honesty, examined the sphere and reported it emitted very powerful, very unique energies. He was amazed . (Marcel Vogel is the ‘inventor of ‘Vogel-Phi’ Crystals.)

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Raymond Brown died at the age of 89, and the sphere came into the guardianship of author and channel Arthur Fanning.

The Sphere was displayed at the Edgar Cayce A.R.E in 2010 by Fanning. Interestingly at the 10-10-10. According to Dr Greg Little , the sphere is definitely the one that Raymond Brown had claimed to discover. Images of the sphere at the A.R.E. fully match the photos of Dr Brown.

Just as anyone involved in ‘New Age’ metaphysical beliefs realize, ridicule comes with the turf. What is certain about the sphere is that it displays unusual properties, and many of those that have experienced its energy, are strongly effected. So decide for yourself !

Archangel Metatron on the Atlantean Sphere

The below is a series of excerpts of the channel which will be published in its entirety in February:

“There are others of these yet to be found. These are of Arcturian technology and are extra terrestrial. It is more accurate to say that the spheres are instruments of a precise function. The sphere of your inquiry was used as part of a shielding system in connection with the ‘Fire Stone’, the Ruby Crystal. The use of Crystals in the grand age of Atlantis involved an extremely sophisticated technology. There were spheres of crystalline ‘software’ that were utilized as energetic transducers, stabilizers & surge protectors. And indeed as energy projectors in networks for transport & bi-location. The one you query was utilized in the complex of the Ruby Crystal as a surge shield absorber …..”

” The discovery of the sphere by Raymond Brown did occur. He did embellish the account somewhat, and portions of his recall of the event were clouded by the fact that what did take place occurred in an anomaly of the time gate within that area. The magnetic residue of the storm opened the temporal window. He himself occasionally questioned the veracity of what he experienced in recall , and would have considered it as a hallucination of the dive compression, were it not for the acquisition of the instrument (sphere). …”

” The sphere is a sophisticated form of Arcturian software. It is not a conscious library, it does not have the nurturing or emotional aspects that exist with MAX, for example. It does have the ability, in its precise instrumentation to circumnavigate & connect dimensional interface membranes, and indeed time. The benefit of a personal session with the sphere is its ability to be a vibrational catalyst in allowing the human to more lucidly experience other time holograms, other lifetimes, other simultaneous realities. Although this effect was not its primary purpose in the Atlantean shield. It is a secondary aspect its formidable & specialized frequencial field. …”

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